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Alan Brown

Growflo celebrates launch of 1st ERP in the US

Following on from the success of the Growflo ERP in the UK & Irish markets, Growflo launches its first ERP to US wholesale house plant supplier, Cascade Tropicals.

Growflo designed and developed the system around the specific requirements of the Cascade operation. The ERP greatly reduces administrative tasks and integrates with QuickBooks. Being fully cloud based, Growflo reduces costs on servers, licenses and maintenance, and is easily accessible from any location via a web browser.

Alongside the ERP, Growflo also designed, developed and integrated an Android app which works with a barcode scanner to make it easier to manage orders, purchases orders, and picking around the greenhouse. Accompanying the ERP & App, Growflo also designed and developed a new integrated web shop and a new marketing website. With the ERP at the centre of the 4-way integration, this was a sophisticated deployment which demonstrates the power and flexibility of Growflo.

Andrej Suske of Cascade Tropicals commented: "The new Growflo ERP is already making a very big difference in how we operate. We really like how it was developed around our specific needs. The modern web-based interface is so easy to access and use, so my team enjoy using it day-to-day. We also like how it integrates the custom-built Growflo Android app & scanner, as well as the web-shop and website. It's a fully connected system."

2020 looks to be a repeat of a successful 2019 for Growflo, with new system launches due to take place across the UK & US.

Growflo managing director Alan Brown said: "2019 was an extremely busy and important year for Growflo. As well as continuing to expand our foothold in the UK market, we also took Growflo to the US market, where we are seeing a similar appetite for innovative, flexible solutions. 2020 looks set to see a continuation of this growth in both markets, and an expansion of the team back in Belfast to meet the demand."

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